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Raise your teaching expectations and lower your score with Golf Pro Joe!

Now Available!
Instuctional Videos

$2.99 each or $39.99 for all fifteen.

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Video 1 The Grip MP4

Video 2 Stance and Posture MP4

Video 3 Chipping/Lob Shot MP4

Video 4 Chipping/Low and Release Shot MP4

Video 5 Putting MP4

Video 6 Take Away of the Back Swing MP4

Video 7 The Down Swing MP4

Video 8 The Release MP4

Video 9 Swing Drills MP4

Video 10 Hybrid Irons MP4

Video 11 Fairway Woods MP4

Video 12 Woods and Drivers MP4

Video 13 Green Side Sand Bunker MP4

Video 14 Buried Lies Green Side Sand Bunker MP4

Video 15 Fairway Bunkers MP4

Collection of all 15 Videos  ZIP

Joe's NEW DVDs are now available in a digital, "downloadable" form!!!
There are 5 DVDs in all.
$29.99 each or $99.99 for all five.

*DVD #1 "The Basics"- Grip, Stance, and Posture with Swing Drills
*DVD #2 "Putting and the Stroke" with Swing Drills
*DVD #3 "Chipping and the Stroke" with Swing Drills"
*DVD #4 "Irons, Hybrid Irons, Woods, and Fairway Woods"
*DVD #5 "Greenside Sand Play and Fairway Sand"
*All 5 DVD's "Download a .zip file with all 5 DVD's in MP4 format"

*Printed notes for DVD 1
*Printed notes for DVD 2
*Printed notes for DVD 3
*Printed notes for DVD 4
*Printed notes for DVD 5

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You can purchase all 5 DVDs, (Physical Disks) for $124.99 or you can purchase them individually for $34.99!
Plus $10 Shipping and Handling Click Here!
Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Joseph K. Herbert
PGA Class A Golf Professional 303-913-1299

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